Artist - Dirk Strangely
I WILL BURN MY POSSESSION IN WONDERLAND PAINTING LIVE HERE ON ARTFARM IF THE ORIGINAL HASN\'T SOLD BY 02/21/2019 AT 8PM central! I\'m working on a series called, "Possession of Wonderland." In this series, the red queen summoned the dark spirit Bloody Mary. Now the inhabitants of Wonderland are seen mortified when confronted by the dark spirit known as, "Bloody Mary." I am open to commissions on your favorite Wonderland character in this haunted series. Feel free to "request a commission." I paint the things we all dream about. I paint them so our dreams can become reality. Tell me what you want me to paint for you along with the reason you want it and I will make your dreams come true in full color! Although, I am comfortable in all styles in all medias, you can look at my prints and Originals available below to get an idea of my abilities. Work Ethic: I take pride in always pleasing the person who commissions me. I believe in strong communication and over delivering every time.