Bring Out Your Best Facial Features: Contouring Using Concealers
As their names suggest, concealers are meant to hide minor flaws - blemishes, fine lines, large pores, dark circles, age spots - to make the skin appear more uniform in color and texture. But concealers have also found popular usage in contouring, a makeup technique where facial structures are enhanced or altered through the use of subtle definition. Once reserved for runway models and photoshoots, contouring is gaining popularity because of ease of integration into daily makeup routine and the easy availability of contouring tools that even amateurs can get their hands on to get started. Conceal Problem Areas First For starters, four basics in your makeup purse can do wonders to your appearance - a concealer the tone of your skin, another concealer one or two shades lighter than your skin tone, and yet another that is one or two shades darker. The set is not complete without a blending brush. After applying your base (this could be a light foundation or a tinted moisturizer), start by concealing problem areas, like dark circles under the eyes. (For this particular area, use the darker toned concealer and apply it with your ring finger.) Find Your Cheekbone and Work From There Then start working on your cheekbone. To find them, use your fingers and dab three dots of darker toned concealer directly underneath them. Darker concealers create an illusion of shadow, and makes square jaws and large foreheads appear smaller. If you need that kind of sculpting, dot darker concealer along your jawline and at the top of your forehead; then blend using your fingers. Sculpting to highlight flattering facial features is all about making 'blurs' and not 'hard lines.' So just blend using your fingers or brush. If you use the brush, choose one that is smaller and fluffy, like the eyeshadow brush, so you achieve precision. Precision here, however, means a seamless appearance with no discernible edges. Professionals even use the fan brush to airbrush makeup under the hairline, jawline and cheekbone. Highlight With Lighter Concealer Then, using the lighter concealer, highlight your cheekbones, the inner corners of your eyes, the bridge of your nose and the Cupid's bow with small dots. Blend until you achieve that seamless look again. To be sure, check the result using good light so you avoid the embarrassment of looking like a cosmetic clown (of which many Hollywood celebrities have been guilty of once or twice). Finally, set the makeup with translucent powder. You can finish off with a subtle blush.