Chaturbate Review: One of the best adult cam sites
Chaturbate is one of the latest webcam sites on the internet at the moment and due to the bold moves that it is making, it is building a great following. Even though very many people consider the live adult webcam site market to be already over populated, Chaturbate is proving every one of those people wrong. Founded just 5 years ago (in 2011), this adult webcam site has rapidly risen to the top and it can now proudly brag about having over 4,000 active webcam models. With nearly 30% of these models live at any particular time, you always have a variety of performers to choose from. The Look and Feel of Chaturbate When it first appeared on the scene, it followed a standard set up which is comparable to most of the other video chatting websites. It had no elegant looking home page but instead a direct access to free adult webcams. The active members are shown by using large thumbnail images, which in many cases are live screen captures of ongoing shows. The website’s blue color scheme was a smart and without a doubt a purposeful move. Even though many other live webcam sites use warm powerful colors such as purple and red to promote action and passion; Chaturbate uses blue colors to promote expertise, dependability and professionalism. This website feels like a professional and well run organization, something that any good business person would want to promote when they are dealing with loyal paying customers in a high demand market like that of the free adult video chatting websites. Chaturbate’s Sitemap This site map has a list of all the pages that accessible to the users of Chaturbate. They are grouped in different categories and subcategories. You can easily navigate to any page you want from this sitemap. Models of Chaturbate When using live adult cam chat websites, what you want is to have an option of being able to select the women (or men) that you fancy at any particular time. To achieve this, you need a wide range of adult webcam performers; and this is something that is offered by Chaturbate. This webcam site has cams streaming from across the world; and with more than 500 live webcams at any particular time of the day, the customers are spoiled for choice. As it is the case with most of the other free webcam chat sites, Chaturbate provides a standard variety of featured female, male, transgender, couples, and group/private shows. On the other hand, above & beyond that, this website offers something which is unique in the world of adult webcam video chatting. The cameras are grouped according to: age, region, status, and price of the models’ private shows. In addition to all that, Chaturbate has an exceptional ability to narrow down the criteria of adult web cams so as to suit the needs, moods, and/or the requirements of every single individual; a feature which makes it to be prominent and able to contest with the bigger and more established names in the game. Multilingual Support Chaturbate can be viewed in 15 different languages. These languages include: English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Greek, French, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Germany and Turkish. Quality Services Providing you with the capacity to filter your webcam options is without a doubt a good thing; however, the only reason that is going to make you use a live cam website on a regular basis is only if that website’s live adult cam models live up to your expectations by providing you with the best services. It is safe to say that you can leave all your uneasiness at the door. Chaturbate’s free shows are way better than many of the other sites’ private chat experiences. As a matter of fact, all your sexual urges can be satisfied easily from watching the free performances all day, and in return saving you from spending even a single cent. The performers on this webcam site are that beautiful, and so are the shows. Unquestionably, you want and long for the tenderness of a private performance, that one-on-one contact; and that is what you purchase on Chaturbate, the lifelike experience. Types of Chats Offered By Chaturbate Chaturbate offers two main types of chat, that is, free chat and private chat. One of the major differences between the two is the fact that private chat is purchased on a per-minute basis using tokens. Tokens are a virtual currency used only on Chaturbate. Biography of Models This is one of the instantly noticeable features of Chaturbate. Each of the models’ thumbnail has a biography beneath it. This feature is so great in a big way because it shows the ages as well as other important information about the models which is very helpful when choosing a model. Many people prefer to stick to a certain age group when watching free live adult cams; for instance, some people prefer nubile models between the ages of 18 – 24 years while others go for those who are more mature/older. In addition to the models’ ages, the biographies include: where they (the models) are located, the amount of time that they have been online, as well as the number of their current active viewers. A combination of all these 5 items allows all the users (guests, free account holders and registered members) to have the ability to precisely choose the webcam model that will give them a perfect performance. Private Shows on Chaturbate Private shows allow you to put your favorite models in a chat room for only yourself. There is also an option which allows you to spy on your favorite performer. To spy on a performer, just click the “Spy On This Private Show” link found in that particular performer’s account. Clicking on the “Spy Shows” tab grants you access to the models that are already in their private shows. With some models, you may be required to have a certain minimum number of tokens before you are allowed to spy on their private shows. After that, they will charge you a certain number of tokens per minute in order to continue spying on their private shows. Chaturbate also allows you to save recorded private shows in your collection. You can access the collection only when you’re logged on to your Chaturbate account. Note that this feature is turned off by some performers. When you begin a private show, you will be notified whether that performer has turned on or turned off his or her private show recordings feature. If the feature has been turned off, you can talk with the model and negotiate with him/her on what it would take to turn it (the “private show recordings” feature) on. If the “private show recordings” feature is turned on, you can find the recordings by going to the “My Collection” tab. In order to initiate a private show, just click “Start Private Show” below the camera window of the performer. An information box, which contains the “tokens per minute” cost of the model will popup. This information box will also tell you whether that performer allows private show recordings or not. The Prices of the Private Shows Every model on Chaturbate decides how much he/she should charge for a particular private chat/show. Nonetheless, the prices range from 6 to 90 tokens per minute. Online and Offline Tipping In addition to spending cash on the webcam models during their private shows, Chaturbate allows the members to offer tips to the models in their shows. The cam models receive the tips as gifts. These tips don’t mean that a particular private show is being bought; it is simply a show of gratefulness for the model’s behavior or beauty. Users are allowed to send tips to only the performers that have verified their ages. If you want to tip your favorite performer, just click on the “Send Tip” button beneath the camera window. You can also tip a model while in chat; all you have to do is to just type “/tip xx”, substituting the “xx” with any number of tokens you would like to tip that model. Chaturbate takes the tipping feature to another level by allowing the members to offer tips to their favorite cam models even when they’re offline. You can send offline tips to any performer who is able to receive tokens. In the same way you would send an online tip, just click on the “Send Tip” button beneath the camera window to send an offline tip. The next time the model comes online, he/she will see it (the tip) in his/her “Token Stats”. Types of Memberships The show choices on Chaturbate are limited, a point which makes using this site very easy; nonetheless, the website offers several different membership alternatives. i. Guest Member This doesn’t require any email address. Guest users can only watch free shows, and nothing else. They’re constrained to a sedentary part in the shows. ii. Basic Membership With this membership, the users have the ability to video chat for free. In addition to viewing full screen video streams, the members are also able to chat with more than one active webcam. iii. Premium Membership This type of membership grants the users many things, some of which include: full screen video chatting and the capacity to alter the font and color of the messages within the chat. iv. Support Membership The website has a membership which is classified as “supporter” membership. This type of membership has various advantages, some of which include: offers you an advert-free interface, enables you to send private messages to the other users, and also offers you the ability to use special text-features in the chat rooms. The upgrading cost is $19.95/month. At present the website is also giving a bonus of 200-tokens to everyone that upgrades his or her account to this membership. v. Fan Club Membership This can also be considered to be a membership type and it is a great way for you to support your favorite models. Models or performers can create and request members to join their fan clubs. When you join a model’s fan club, he or she can easily identify you in the chat room, as you username is colored green. As a fan club member, you can access all the videos and pictures of your favorite model at no cost. You are not limited to any number of fan clubs that you can subscribe to on Chaturbate. If a model has enabled his/her fan club, a link is shown in the top of their bio saying “Join xxx’s fan club” where “xxx” represents the username of a model. If you click that link, you’ll be taken to the confirmation page to finalize your subscription to that particular model’s fan club. Membership Management and Cancellation On Chaturbate, it is easy to manage your memberships. If you have a particular type of membership that you want to cancel, be it a fan club or support membership, just click on the “My Profile” link in the top right corner of the website, and then go to the “Memberships” tab. Immediately after cancelling a membership, you’ll be sent a confirmation email together with the date on which your membership access will come to an end. The Costs of the Tokens The packages of the tokens are presented to you the moment you decide on adding credits to your Chaturbate account. If the token package that is available to you is lower than that which you want to buy, contact the customer support team for assistance. If you choose to buy tokens via money order or certified check, the minimum amount of tokens you can buy is 2025. Each token will cost you $0.08. Members can buy tokens in a number of different denominations. The more tokens you purchase, the lower the price for every token is. • 100 tokens cost $10.99. • 200 tokens cost $20.99. • 500 tokens cost $44.99. • 750 tokens cost $62.99. • 1000 tokens cost $79.99. • 2025 tokens cost $159.99. An overview of the cost of one token depending on the chosen denomination. • For a bundle of 100 tokens, each token is sold at $0.110. • For a bundle of 200 tokens, each token costs $0.105. • For a bundle 500 tokens, each token costs $0.090. • For a bundle of 750 tokens, each token costs $0.084. • For a bundle of 1000 tokens, each token costs $0.080. • For a bundle of 2025 tokens, each token costs $0.079, and this is the lowest and best value. Chaturbate’s Methods of Payment You can buy tokens using any of the payment methods noted below. • Debit card. • Credit card. • Wire transfer. • Certified check. • Money order. • PayPal. • Other methods: Apart from the payment methods noted above and depending on your whereabouts, there are nearly 37 different payment methods that you can use to buy tokens on Chaturbate. Purchasing tokens can commence in two different ways, that is: i. By clicking on the “Get More” link in the box near the token amount whilst you’re logged into your account. ii. By clicking on the “Get More Tokens” link under the cam of the model while you’re in his/her chat room. Alternatively, clicking the “Purchase Tokens” link which appears in a window that pops-up after clicking the “Send Tip” button also helps you to achieve the same thing. a. Buying Tokens via Debit or Credit Card This is the fastest and easiest method of buying tokens on this adult cam website. It is the first option in the list of the payment methods that are provided to you to choose from. The cards that are accepted by Chaturbate include: MasterCard, Visa and Discover. b. Buying Tokens via Wire Transfer With this method of payment, the minimum purchase you can ever make is USD $250.00 and each token will cost you $0.08. You are advised to contact the customer support team for the latest information on wire transfers. c. Paying For Tokens Using the Certified Check or Money Order Methods of Payment If you would like to buy tokens using any one of these two methods of payment, your payment should be made payable to MultiMedia LLC. You should send the payment to this postal address, that is: Multi Media LLC, 23615 El Toro Road #X344, Lake Forest, CA 92630. You should make sure you enclose your username and email information or write it on the check’s memo line. Money Orders and Certified checks are accepted in only US Dollars, with a minimum of $160. You should know that at the moment, personal checks aren’t accepted by Chaturbate. If all the options of the payment methods that are provided don’t suit your needs, contact the customer support team of Chaturbate for more help. d. Buying Tokens via the PayPal Method of Payment If you want to buy tokens via your online PayPal account, choose the PayPal option out of the available payment methods. On the other hand, if you possess a PayPal credit card, you should instead choose the credit card option out of the available methods of payment. Bear in mind that while you are in some countries, you won’t be able to buy tokens using PayPal. If you encounter any problems while buying tokens using the PayPal method of payment, contact the customer support team of PayPal for some assistance. e. Making Your Purchase Using Other Methods of Payment As it has already been stated above, there are 37 other methods of payment besides the ones that are listed above. All these methods are secure, fast, & easy to use. If you want to buy tokens via any of these methods, choose Epoch and check for the options that are available in your region. How You Can Raise Your Spending Limit Every account on Chaturbate is restricted to a certain number of transactions it can perform within a particular time interval. If you are hitting your monthly, weekly or daily limit; you can elevate your spending limits by going to this address “www.Chaturbate.Com/tipping/purchase_tokens/increase_limits/”. You can also use a credit card to increase your spending limits. All you have to do is to send the following to the email address of Chaturbate’s customer support team. • A picture of your ID. • A picture of the front & back of your credit card. Apart from the last 4 digits of your card number, the rest of the digits should be covered. • A picture of a completed authorization form signed by hand. Remember that authorization forms which are digitally signed aren’t allowed. After raising your spending limit, you will be given a bonus of 200 tokens. If you want to raise your spending limit for another time, you must wait up to when 3 months have passed. Refund on Purchased Tokens There are a number of reasons to why you would want a refund on the tokens that you have bought. Perhaps you added an unintended extra zero (0) at the end of the figure, thereby ending up buying more tokens than what you wanted. Regardless of your reason for wanting a refund, Chaturbate offers you an opportunity to claim a refund of the tokens that you have bought. You can achieve this by contacting the Billing Support by either calling their telephone number or sending them an email using the form on the website’s “contact us” page. The telephone number is (877) 338-7068. Don’t forget to include your username in the refund-claim. Customer Support and Informative Blog Articles The customer support menu is one of Chaturbate’s smooth features which makes it outshine much of its competition. The help page is arranged in form of short helpful blog articles which are divided into various topics & subtopics. Each of the posts has a title and a voting field which offers members a chance to react to a post so that the moderators behind this adult webcam site are able to make the required changes. The link to the customer support page is located at bottom of the homepage. In addition to the blog articles, you can also directly contact the customer support team. This contact is a template email in which you can enter your message and also attach a file if necessary. The “Delete Account” Feature Signing up with Chaturbate is not a compulsory lifelong commitment. For this reason, this live adult webcam site has a feature which allows you to deactivate (or delete) your user account. This feature is found in the footer area of the website. Sale of Videos and Photos The broadcasters or models on Chaturbate can upload pictures and videos to their accounts. These may require either a token price so as to be unlocked for viewing or nothing. For the videos and photo sets that are locked, you will be shown the amount of tokens that are required to unlock them. If you click on that locked video or set of photos, a new window will be opened to let you confirm the purchase. Moderators on Chaturbate Moderators are users on Chaturbate who work together with the models to make sure that the broadcasted material is of the best quality for both the models and viewers alike. Moderators can talk with the models, encourage you (the viewers) to tip your favorite models so as to reach a certain goal, provide you with insight in case a model encounters a problem, and so on. Some models have rules that users must follow when in the chat room. Moderators can watch chat logs during broadcasts and examine what the users say, and can silence a user in case he/she breaks any of those rules. Certain requests, behavior or language might be unpleasing to the model and so it’s up to the moderator to choose whether to or not to discontinue the person from chatting with the model. The expiration of a moderator is set by the model. It can be from 1-day to 6-months. Different Colors for the User Names In order to make the identification of the different categories of users on this website easy, Chaturbate presents the usernames in a range of colors. • The usernames of the models or broadcasters are shown in Orange color. • The usernames of the moderators are shown in Red color. • If you buy or own any tokens, then your username will be shown in Light Blue color. • If you tip the models at least 50 tokens within 2-weeks, your username will begin to show in Dark Blue color. • The Light Purple and Dark Purple usernames are for members that have tipped a minimum of 250 tokens and 1000 tokens respectively with in the past two weeks. • If you are a member of a particular model’s fan club, your username will be shown in Green color during a chat session with that model. • Grey colored usernames are for individuals that don’t have any tokens in their accounts. Support for the Use of Emoticons Language is mainly used for communicating; however, without emotion and inflection, it loses so much. This is why communicating via text messages is among the poorest forms of communication. By using emoticons, you can actually add additional meaning to your messages on Chaturbate. Every user on Chaturbate, provided he or she has tokens in his or her account, is free to use emoticons. In order to upload emoticons, just go to https://Chaturbate.Com/emoticons, click the “other options” dropdown menu and select “Upload New Emoticons” to upload an image URL. If you want to upload an animated emoticon, just follow the same steps as you would while uploading a regular emoticon. In order to make the emoticon animation be able to play inside the chat-screen without the need to click on it (the emoticon), the emoticon must not be greater than 250x80px and also its size must not be greater than 1mb. While having fun with emoticons, you should make sure you don’t post anything that is illegal, copyrighted, offensive or inappropriate in nature. Apps & Bots Chaturbate is a geek’s wet dream. From a performer’s perspective, the entire website is a masterpiece of developer knowledge. The models have thousands of useful apps & bots that they can add and attach to their account pages. Using apps, a user can customize his/her chat room experience. Apps can be used by a user (a model in this case) to count tips, alter messages, set timers, and so much more. Models can use this toolset to create a limitless number of fun-games. A bot is a special kind of app with fewer purposes than those of an app. Every chat room can execute numerous bots tailored to the style of any broadcaster. Apps can be created by any broadcaster and they are coded in JavaScript. Since all the apps are open-source, any app can be improved by any anybody who knows how to write JavaScript applications. Users can create their own apps by modifying the source codes of the already existing apps. If you copy another person’s app, you should be polite by giving them some credit for their work. The Cam Models’ Liberty or Freedom to Share To tell you the truth, Chaturbate doesn’t buy traffic, but instead it actually sells it. Chaturbate achieves this by encouraging the cam models to share their shows on their social media channels. The traffic that is received by this website is from the performers sharing information about their shows across the web via their personal websites, content sharing sites, as well as social media websites. Benefits of Using Chaturbate • Guest users don’t need to have an email address. • The number of active webcam models is pretty high. • The membership plans and private shows are very affordable. • The information on Chaturbate can be viewed in many other languages apart from English. • Customers have access to free live webcam chat. • Chaturbate has a variety of chat rooms. • The tipping option encourages the models to do better by improving the quality of their services. • Even the members (viewers) can also open their own chat rooms. • Users of Chaturbate have access to free videos. Conclusion Chaturbate is indeed an adult webcam site which does its best so as to offer its members a positive and friendly user experience. Their dedication to the satisfaction of their customers has no limits and all the site’s regular users express how they are contented with it (this webcam site) and its services. If you enjoy watching amateur models that are very notorious when video chatting, Chaturbate is the live adult webcam site you should sign up with. It is not clear how they have managed to accomplish this, but this cam website has some of the kinkiest sex performances featuring amateurs on the internet. The main objective of Chaturbate is to give its members an incredible live adult webcam chat experience; and so its team of employees works very hard to ensure just that. With its well-designed platform and affordable private webcam chat costs, this website is without a doubt one of the best live adult webcam sites on the internet today.