BongaCams Review: The finest of webcam girls
BongaCams is a webcam sex community filled with a fun and friendly vibe. It offers you a chance to experience sex from an entirely different point of view. Bonga Cams’ users (guests and registered users) are offered an opportunity to watch genuine webcam models performing a variety of live adults-only chat shows. This website has so many features to spice up your live webcam video chat experience. From wicked adult webcam chats to one-on-one private webcam chat sessions, BongaCams is a sincere webcam site which promises so much. By the time you are done reading this review, you’ll have a clear understanding of what it’s all about and what it has to offer. Types of Memberships There are various types of memberships on Bonga Cams; they include: i. Guest Membership This is the membership you have when you are using BongaCams as an unregistered user. When you’re a guest, you are given a random username/nickname (for instance Guest7777) each time you go into a chat room. When chatting as a guest, you are only a spectator, and nothing more. If you want to get involved in the conversations in the chat room, you need to register by clicking the “Click here to join for free” link below the model’s cam. Alternatively, you can also register via the signup reminder popup window. ii. Basic/Free Membership When you register, you are offered a free lifetime membership. To register for a free account, you only need a username, password, and a valid email address. Once you are logged in to your free account, you will have access to a variety of the website’s free features. iii. Premium Membership Once you buy tokens for the first time on BongaCams, your membership is automatically upgraded to a lifetime premium membership. The package of tokens that you buy doesn’t matter; that is, whether it’s the one with the highest or the lowest price, you will receive your lifetime premium membership. Premium members are granted access to everything that the site has to offer. They can send private messages to both the models and members at any time. If you have a long private message that you wish to send to a model or member, you can use the site’s “Message Centre” feature to send it. As a premium member, you can also turn on your webcam and show yourself to other members or models for free. The Home Page of BongaCams The opening page of BongaCams is warm and welcoming. Without making any false pretences, it is continuously a good start. From the moment you land on this website, you know where you’re, what you’re opening up, and how to discover what you are really looking for. The opening page contains 4 major sections which take you to all the parts of the website, not only to the free adult video chat cams. Notable Features of BongaCams Some of this adult webcam site’s distinguished features include: • Webcams. • FAQ. • Top 100 webcam performers of the week. • Free tokens: This is a link to the page with the different ways of earning free tokens. • Cashback opportunities: This is a promotion on this website which rewards the site’s most regular users. The top 5 users of Bonga Cams are chosen every day basing on the amount of money that they spend on the website on that particular day. The column on the left-hand side of the home page is dedicated to offering you a chance to narrow down the free webcams that you can view out of those that are available. The parameters used in the filtering process are based on the various adult webcam chat preferences in terms of age, body type, appearance, as well as the features of the types of activities that are performed by the models. This is an extensive list which caters to nearly every daily kink that would be expected to be found on a site positioned to serve this area of the adult webcam industry. Besides each option, the website informs users of the exact number of live active adult webcams that are within that particular parameter. A Wide Range of Languages The real action is found in the home page’s main section. In addition to the direct links to every active cam on the site via a live screen shot of the particular model in action, the home page presents you with the models’ languages as well as the video chat rooms that they are operating. The content of this website can be viewed in 35 different languages. You can set your preferred language from the top right corner of the webpage. The languages include: English, Estonian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, Finish, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Magyar, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Suomi, Swedish, and Turkish. Categories of Models on Bonga Cams Most of the models on this live adult webcam site are females. They are grouped in different categories such as: Mature, Big Tits, College Girls, Anal Play, Shaved Pussy, Toys, Teens, BBW, and the rest. In addition to the females, BongaCams has male and transsexual models. The site has also got webcams for couples. Every model on Bonga Cams chooses his or her own working hours. Make sure you check out the profile pages of your favourite models to see the times they are normally online. The Search Feature Finding a specific type of model couldn’t be any easier. You can search for any specific type of model using the site’s search feature at the website’s top. You may search for a model by nickname, ethnicity, sex, height, sexual orientation, body Size/weight, age, hair colour, but size, eye colour, breast size, language, and a number of other characteristics. Types of Webcam Chat Shows Offered By Bonga Cams BongaCams has thousands of active webcam models. Basing on the fact that just about 1000 cams are live at any single time, the range is vast. The number of models available in any subcategory can range from double to triple digits. There is always a model for every user of Bonga Cams. The restrictions in free chat are determined by only the models. They can show what they want, or do whatever they are comfortable with. You shouldn’t forget that the major objective of doing free chat shows is to lure members into private shows; therefore, don’t expect to watch a full show for free; after all, Bonga Cams’ adult webcam models need to earn a living as well. There are five main types of chat shows offered by the models of BongaCams. They include: i. Free Chat This is completely free. It is available to all the users of the website regardless of the type of their membership. As it has already been stated, for the case of the guests, they can enter free chat but can’t converse with the models or with the other members. ii. Private Chat This is a one-on-one paid for chat. It presents the members with an opportunity to have private time with the performers. Everything that transpires within a private chat room strictly depends on the model’s personal liberties. There are some things that a certain model may be willing to do for you that others won’t. For this reason, you are recommended to always first understand these boundaries and limits before going into a private show. While in a private chat, all the model’s attention is focused on you. Although other members can watch everything that a model is doing for you in a private show, you’re the only one that can communicate directly with the model. If you want to invite a performer to a private chat, just click the “Private Chat” button, select “PRIVATE CHAT” from the list, and then click “START”. iii. Full Private Chat This is similar to a private chat but with two main differences; that is, it costs more tokens and most importantly, it offers total confidentiality by not allowing other members to spy on the show. If you want to enter a full private chat, just visit the chat room of your preferred model, click on the “Private Chat” button, select “FULL PRIVATE CHAT” from the list, and then click “START”. iv. Group Show This is a cheaper version of a private show which allows two or more users to interact with a model at the same time. The rules that apply to private shows are the same ones that apply to group shows. It’s only the attention of the model that is shared amongst the group members. Members can leave the group show as they wish, and the show ends after all the members have been pleased and ended the link to the group show. To go into group chat mode, either click the “Group Chat” button in the chat room of a model or click the “Join Group Chat” button to join an ongoing group chat. v. Spy Show This show lets you watch private or group shows of other members with the performer. The cost of a spy show is about one quarter of the cost of a private chat show. With spy shows, even though you are able to read all the conversations, you can’t communicate with the performers. To start a spy chat, just click on the “Spy Mode” tab on the main page, and select a chat room you would like to spy on. You are free to exit any show at any time you want. All you need to do is to click “STOP SHOW”. A show can also be ended at the request of the model. You should note that as soon as your tokens run out, the show will also be automatically ended. On BongaCams, models aren’t allowed to show videos instead of live broadcasts. If you encounter any model on this website who violates this rule, among others, you are urged to report him/her to the administrators of the website. Requirements for Watching A Live Adult Webcam Video Chat You can open BongaCams using any browser such as: Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and so forth. In order for the web page to open and run correctly, you are advised to always use the most recent versions of the web browsers. In addition to that, you also need to update the Flash Player to the latest version. The speed of your internet connection should be 512 kbit/s or faster so as to be able to comfortably communicate with the model in the chat room. If you fail to see the chat room or webcam video chat, or experience other problems with watching the chat room or webcam video chat; you should clean the cache memory of your web browser, ensure that the cookies are turned on, and also delete the temporary internet files. If your problem persists, send a detailed description of your problem to the customer support team at support@BongaCams.Com. Methods of Payment There are three major methods of payment that are supported by BongaCams; that is, Credit/Debit card, Bank/Wire transfer and SMS. i. Credit/Debit Card This is the most popular payment method. The accepted cards include MasterCard and Visa. When using this method of payment, there are some guidelines you need to follow, and they include: • Only pay on the website’s payment page at all times, else your account may get blocked. • Avoid as much as possible using the back button of the browser because that is not a correct action, and it may also cause your account to get blocked. ii. Bank/Wire Transfer After selecting this method from the payment options, fill in all the necessary fields including your account name. Check all the details that you have filled in before proceeding because no refunds are offered with this payment method. After sending the wire transfer, processing it and crediting tokens to your account will take about 2-3 working days. iii. SMS If you choose to load credit to your account using this method, check to see if your region and/or operator are listed; otherwise, you can’t buy tokens via the SMS method at that moment in time. Check the text message and the number of the recipient very carefully because if you send a wrong text, you won’t be compensated. After the text message is sent, you’ll be sent a message containing a generated code. You must enter the code into the field on the payment-page so that your account is loaded with credit (tokens). The Cost of an Adult Webcam Show on Bonga Cams As it is the case with all the other adult webcam sites, BongaCams has a basic free chat option; however, free video chat won’t get you thus far. You need to have tokens in order to be able to watch a private show. You can purchase tokens in several deferent denominations via a number of payment methods. a. Credit/Debit Card This method offers the largest number of token-packages. The website tries to add in a discount for bigger token packages. The different packages of tokens that are available include: • 13 Tokens cost €1.99. • 38 Tokens cost €4.99. • 78 Tokens cost €9.99. • 231 Tokens cost €24.99. • 492 Tokens cost €49.99. • 630 Tokens cost €65.00. • 740 Tokens cost €74.99. • 5080 Tokens cost 500.00. • 10000 Tokens cost 990.00. b. Bank/Wire Transfers The minimum payment required by this method is €50 (555 tokens). Anything above that amount is valued at €0.09 per token. c. SMS Purchases Purchasing tokens by the use of text messages is a possible and an instant alternative; this implies that if you want to have a good time at any point in time, you don’t need to ever worry about not having enough tokens in your account. Nonetheless, you should know that the costs of SMS tokens vary from €0.19 – €0.72 per token depending on where you are located. Without a doubt, this is the reason to why it is the least preferable option. The Cost of Each Token for the Different Payment Methods a. When Using Credit/Debit Card Method • For the 13 tokens package, the cost per token is €0.153. • For the 38 tokens package, the cost per token is €0.131. • For the 78 tokens package, the cost per token is €0.128. • For the 231 tokens package, the cost per token is €0.108. • For the 492 tokens package, the cost per token is €0.102. • For the 630 tokens package, the cost per token is €0.103. • For the 740 tokens package, the cost per token is €0.101. • For the 5080 tokens package, the cost per token is €0.098. • For the 10,000 tokens package, the cost per token is €0.099. This is the lowest and best value per token when using the credit/debit car method. b. When Using the Bank/Wire Transfer Method This method has only one tokens-package; that is, 555 tokens and above. Anything that is purchased over €50 is credited to the buyer at a value of €0.09 per token. For instance, if you send €450, you will get 5000 tokens. As far as the cost per token goes, it’s one of the best values. c. When Using the SMS Method to Buy Tokens The minimum amount of tokens you can buy via this method is 10 tokens at €1.92. This means that the cost for every token is €0.192. This is the highest and worst value as far as the price per token goes. If any of the above payment methods don’t satisfy your needs, you can buy tokens using Bitcoin. For more information about how to buy tokens using Bitcoin, contact the customer support team for assistance. Free Tokens Another feature that makes this adult webcam site interesting to use is their act of giving out free tokens to the users. Free tokens are offered to the users at various occasions for various reasons. At the moment, BongaCams is offering 5 free tokens to new members for signing up with the site. Another way through which you can earn free tokens is by participating in the Bonga Cams’ CashBack customer program. If you make it into the top 5 members, you might win a bonus of up to 200 tokens. If you refer a friend to join Bonga Cams, you can also receive 50% of his or her first purchase on the website. Furthermore, you are offered 5 free tokens (regardless of whether you are a new or an existing customer) when you finish making your first tokens-purchase of any amount using any of the available payment methods. The Prices of the Chat Shows Tokens are the only things that cost money on BongaCams. As soon as your account is loaded with some tokens, you can spend them (the tokens) by paying for any service you want on this adult cam website. There are four major ways for you to spend your tokens on Bonga Cams; that is, by taking a model to a private chat, by spying on a private or group show using the website’s “Voyeur Show” feature, by initiating or joining a group show, or tipping a live webcam model. When all is said and done, the prices for the shows are fair, and the shows that are provided by the models are the best. • Private chat shows cost 30 tokens per minute. This implies that if you want to chat privately for five minutes, you need to have 150 tokens in your account. • Group chat shows cost 15 tokens per minute per member in the group. Chatting with a model in a group show for five minutes will cost you 75 tokens. • Spy shows cost nearly a quarter of the price of a private show; that is, 7 tokens per minute. Therefore, if you spy on a model while she is in her private show for 5 minutes, you will be charged 35 tokens. • Full private chats cost 45 tokens for every minute you spend in the show. If you want to spend five minutes in this chat room, you need to have 225 tokens. If you buy the best-value package of tokens, your real costs per minute for each show will be: • For a private chat show, your will pay €2.97 per minute. Therefore to watch a private show for five minutes, you will pay €14.85. • Full private shows cost €4.455 per minute and €22.275 for five minutes. • For a spy show, you will be charged €0.693 per minute and €3.465 for five minutes. • For a group chat show, the cost per minute will be €1.485. The price of chatting for five minutes in a group chat is €7.425. The Tipping Feature This allows users to transfer tokens to the accounts of the models. Tipping is 100% optional. You are free to tip any model at any given time. You may offer a tip to a model as a show of gratefulness after entertaining you in a private show, as a thank you for responding to your request in free chat, or as simply a benevolent act. Just know that tips are gifts and not bribes; for that reason, don’t tip a model to demand something in return because that wouldn’t be fair to him/her. Support for Mobile Devices You can enjoy your favourite models on your smart phone as much as you would on your PC or laptop as long as the device are connected to the internet. You only need to type “BongaCams.Com” in your mobile browser and wait for the site to load. BongaCams’s Models Are Well Paid This is very important because when models are paid well, you as a customer have a guarantee of receiving high quality services. While some live adult cam websites pay their performers 20% or less and treat them in a manner that suits the circumstances, at Bonga Cams, the models are a top priority and they are paid about 50%. In addition to paying them well, Bonga Cams treats their models with the respect that they deserve. Members buy tokens in already defined packages. Even though the cost per token of larger packages is less, the performers are always given €0.05 per token; therefore, the percentage earnings of the model is calculated basing on the package that a member has purchased. Since the biggest percentage of the revenue generated by BongaCams comes from loyal members who buy larger packages, the average percentage of the money which goes to the models always equates to about 50%. No Recurrent Charges Unlike most of the other live adult webcam chat websites which have recurrent charges, Bonga Cams doesn’t have any. This is true regardless of which method of payment you use to buy tokens. As a member of this live adult webcam site, you have the freedom to choose for yourself when you want to purchase more tokens. The Privacy of the Members Is Protected When using BongaCams, you don’t need to have any worries regarding your privacy. All the transactions that you make on BongaCams appear under SegPay or EPOCH. No one will ever know that you paid for webcam sex unless you tell them yourself. Account Recovery If you forget your password, don’t panic because there is a way you can recover your account. All you have to do is to simply go to the site’s Account recovery page and fill in the required information in the necessary fields. Once you have provided your username & e-mail address, you will receive a message containing instructions about your new password. BongaCams Uses a Very Secure System In addition to providing members with high quality services, keeping all the private data of the members secure is among Bonga Cams’ top priorities. This live adult webcam site has every necessary security measure to ensure that your private data is secure. The site uses HTTPS to offer maximum security to its members and its billing system abides by all the worldwide (international) standards & requirements. No Arbitrary Rules As far as rules are concerned, BongaCams’ goal is to have simple and very few rules so that both the models and the members are free to enjoy themselves without worrying about illogical rules. The website offers powerful tools to members and models so that everyone interacts with only the people that he/she likes. Models fully control their chat rooms. They can block any member they don’t like for their own reasons. Some of the common things that get members on the black lists of the models include asking them (the models) to do something via Skype, messaging apps, telephone, or any other communication means. Members can also ignore any model or member by adding them to the “Ignore List”. Some of the simple guidelines to follow while using BongaCams include: • Don’t do anything that is illegal. • Since this isn’t a porn website, posting pornographic or inappropriate content (links or images) is prohibited. • The use of racist, degrading or inflammatory language is not allowed on the website. • You shouldn’t create usernames for purposes of harassing or impersonating administrators, models or members. • Don’t claim to be an employee of the website. • Don’t annoy models or other members on purpose. • Posting private or personal information about other members is discouraged. • You shouldn’t disrupt chat rooms on purpose (for instance, spamming, flooding, etc.). You are recommended to get familiar with the site’s Terms and Conditions of use. FAQ Section In addition to the free cams and the pleasurable adult chat, the website has also got a detailed FAQ section with answers to a wide range of questions which can satisfy nearly all the general questions that users usually ask. The FAQ section is very helpful to both the new visitors as well as experienced members that want to improve the way they use the website. A Reliable Customer Support Team In the business world, it is a well-known fact that customer care is without question the most essential part of a business. Every adult webcam site knows that customers are a top priority; however, very few walk the walk. Fortunately, Bonga Cams is one of those few that walk the walk. If you encounter any issues concerning your token balance, experience problems with the webcam chat shows, or any other problem with the website, you can contact BongaCams’s customer support team right away. The team is available to offer you professional assistance 24 hours and 7 days a week. You can get in touch with the customer support via the customer support chat room, telephone or email. The email address of Bonga Cams’ customer support is “support@BongaCams.Com” and the telephone number for assistance in English is (+371) 28-194-403. All the different ways of contacting the customer support can be found on the contact-support (contact us) page. On this same page, there are also links to both Segpay Billing Support and Epoch Billing Support. The Benefits of Using BongaCams • The website is easy to navigate. • A great variety of languages are supported. • There is no lagging in the live webcams. • The private shows are fairly priced. • The site has engaging free chat features. • There is a wide range of token-packages as well as payment options to choose from. • A wide variety of models. • Availability of the Tipping option is a bonus for the site. The Bottom Line BongaCams is a nice adult webcam site. Most importantly, if you are seeking for fun adult chat sessions, the models at BongaCams will not bore you. They are not only busty and beautiful, but also intelligent. This adult webcam site competes well with the other big names in the market and its prices are fair. BongaCams isn’t a site which caters to an individual’s interests, but instead to those of the public as a sole entity; which is good since not every person is the same, wants the same things, or thinks the same; this adult webcam website welcomes individualism.