The Elementary Music Teacher Academy
Stop feeling stuck as an elementary music teacher. Do you feel like you’re constantly trying to looking for elementary music teacher resources while trying figure out the ins and outs of being an elementary music teacher? The Elementary Music Teacher Academy is exactly what you need. If you want support as a teacher, new ideas to use in your classroom, ongoing professional development, and balance in your work and personal life, you are in the right place. STOP FEELING OVERWHELMED, STRESSED OUT, AND BURDENED, AND FIND YOUR JOY IN TEACHING AGAIN! Your enrollment includes: ⇒ 30+ teacher training workshops with Jessica and other experts about various music education topics ⇒ A supportive Facebook group of other elementary music teachers and live monthly trainings ⇒ Printable elementary music teacher resources, checklists, and guides to help you in your teaching ⇒ Over 40 elementary music lessons taught by Jessica and printable lesson plans to give you new ideas to teach in your music class ⇒ The Elementary Music Teacher Blueprint course with 20 lessons and worksheets to help you in your elementary music teaching ⇒ A full curriculum map for the entire school year for K-5th