The Heart of Bruno Wizard
Bruno Wizard is a London punk musician who became an underground legend for his original performances and 'mystery man' status in the mid 70's. He performed at the Roxy club alongside The Jam, Generation X and The Wire, and was part of the ‘Blitz kids’ scene, squatting with the Warren Street mafia. His loathing of the establishment and conventional music industry made him reject record company contracts and follow his own heart and principles at any cost, a roller coaster journey that led to drug addiction, imprisonment and eventually homelessness. In 2012 we find Bruno moving into an empty council estate flat in East London and attempting to get back to pursuing his life mission of performing. What follows is an amazing true story with blasts from the past and a future full of surprising twists and turns. Is Bruno just a nihilistic punk, or is he an important advocate of love, art and freedom of expression?