Iran Air B727-200
IRAN AIR B727 In this over 2 hour long cockpit video you will follow Captain Rahimian on a return trip from Tehran to Bandar Abbass in southern Iran. The crew will show you the Boeing 727 in the best way. Follow the Flight Engineer on his walkaround pre flight inspection before the flight back to Tehran. Captain Rahimian will show you around in the B727 cockpit. As always you will hear the pilots tell you their history of aircraft flewn, dating back to their first airline job. You will watch the cabincrew prepare the service and then join them in the aisle as they handout drinks and food. In Bandar Abbass we watch a full turnaround of the B727 as it continues for another leg and returns to pick you up for the return to Tehran. Watch the luggage loading, passenger boarding and an amazing takeoff! We also are treated with a evening flight from Shiraz to Tehran. You will love the view as we approach the 21st largest city in the world. The city lights surrounds you as we descend into Tehran's Mehrabad airport. Enjoy this classic Boeing 727 cockpit DVD with Iran Air, this is what Flightdeck Action is all about! FLIGHTS ON THE VIDEO: IR355 THR Tehran, Mehrabad Airport - BND Bandar Abbass Airport IR354 BND Bandar Abbass Airport - THR Tehran, Mehrabad Airport IR426 SYZ Shiraz - THR Tehran, Mehrabad Airport