Lanesville TV MAPLE TREE FARM Showreel
Hundreds of TV shows were broadcast on Videofreex pirate TV station from Maple Tree Farm (Lanesville NY, in the heart of the Catskill Mountains). This 44-minute compilation of two dozen segments includes live studio hosts & guests, local location reports, TV tropes, performance, sketch comedy, crowd-sourced narratives, and experimental video art. "UFO Lands in Lanesville," "Oriental Magic Show (with a man in a box and a barbarian)," "The Farkle vs. Van Fight," "Buckaroo Bart Show #1," and many more. 1971-78. Re-re-re-edit 2019 for the Videofreex 50th Anniversary Celebration "Maple Tree Farm Report: Participatory Media Roots & Branches." Featuring the band Snow live on the lawn of Maple Tree Farm singing about memories. World premiere August 17, 2019 Stony Clove SlideLuck al fresco screening. © 2019 IMP, Inc. "Life can be delish with a sunny disposish!"