Vaping Cannabis for Epilepsy in Australia: Lindsay Carter's Story
When you mention the word vape, most people immediately think you're talking about middle-aged dudes that are the ones to blame for turning bars and local nightlife precincts into medieval dragon caves, thanks to their nifty new nicotine vaporizers. For some, vapes are indeed devices used to quit smoking or satisfy one's sweet tooth, but there are also a growing number of patients out there that are turning to vaporizers for other reasons, specifically those patients that have found cannabis to be an effective medicine for their afflictions. Herbal vaporizers are used to vape natural remedies like Damiana, Lavender, and Jasmine, which all offer some form of sedative relaxation when consumed or ingested. Researchers from Israel's Tel Aviv University recently published findings in the Journal of Pain & Palliative Care that indicated that metered-dose cannabis inhalers that contain the plant's key therapeutic compounds were effective in helping patients with chronic neuropathic pain. While the legal medical cannabis movement in Australia is finally gaining some traction, there is still little evidence being done locally into the effectiveness of vaping cannabis, regardless of the fact that it's proven to be a viable remedy to a plethora of neurological and physiological conditions. Medicinal cannabis is an issue that many Australians have something to say about.