Hydrating Cocktail Tips
What’s better than relaxing by the pool with a refreshing cocktail in your hand on a scorching summer day? The answer, is nothing. And we got to do just that with our Hydration Specialist Sally. Now before you take our lead and head out to the pool, drink in hand, be sure to concoct a drink that will keep you hydrated while you’re tanning under the sun. Here are Sally’s top tips with a Root7 twist to achieve the ultimate hydration during your relaxation. via GIPHY Ditch The Fizz And Add Some Sparkle Vodka Sprite anyone? Many of us like to mix our alcohol with fizzy drinks and sodas. However, the addition of these liquids also adds additives like sodium and sugar which can decrease hydration levels when out in the sun. Instead, substitute your fizzy drink or soda with sparkling water. Remember its best to add your own flavours like fresh berries or citrus fruits instead of buying flavoured sparkling water - these are loaded with sugar and other sodium additives! via GIPHY Ice, Ice Baby Since alcohol is a huge dehydrator, it is important that you keep your drinks cold with ice. This will lower your temperature and keep you cool during a scorching summers day. Also, when it melts, it provides much-needed hydration to your drink. Water is a flavour enhancer as it dilutes and balances the mixed ingredients better. Therefore, many people add water to whiskey and gin as well as many mixed drinks. Now We know it’s taboo to the wine connoisseurs but hey! We’re not here to judge: adding ice to high acidity (or cheap wines) will improve the flavour as it melts! Just don’t do it at a wine tasting or with those “connoisseur” friends of yours! via GIPHY Get Tropical Adding a tropical twist to your drink can be both fun, tasty, and refreshing! *Side note: this doesn’t mean adding an extra shot of Malibu Coconut Rum or Smirnoff Pineapple Vodka… We’re talking about fresh fruit jeez! Mixing your alcohol with certain fruits actually, increases hydration. So while we love Coconut Malibu, ditch the Malibu and add coconut water instead. It’s a great hydrator that also has low levels of sugar, sodium, and calories. This can be mixed with vodka and coconut milk for a truly delicious Coconut Colada. Grapefruit and watermelon are also hydrators that can be incorporated into a great drink. Both fruits contain about 90 percent water and are packed with loads of potassium and Vitamin C. Our favourite mix is a Ruby red watermelon G&T. via GIPHY So staying hydrated doesn’t need to be a challenge or a worry. It’s another way of embracing our ethos and giving yourself, even more, the opportunity to #drinkdifferently! via GIPHY Don’t forget to explore our new Corkcicle summer range that is sure to keep all your hydration cocktails cold right through the long summer days!