Underpainting Secrets for Artists
An Oil Painting Video Run Time: 85 minutes Medium: Oil Paint Difficulty Level: Beginner Language: English Genre: Instructional VHX: Secure Purchasing View the instructor's still lifes and portraits. It's hidden in plain sight in every masterpiece painted by Rembrandt, da Vinci and Vermeer. Beneath the top layer of paint is the one element that virtually guaranteed the success and beauty of their work. The underpainting. The master artists planned everything in this hidden layer. And you will learn exactly how they did it in Underpainting Secrets for Artists, an easy-to-understand instructional video featuring modern-day master artist Eric Bossik. This entertaining video will show you how to ensure the success of every oil painting you start. Don't spend thousands on art classes when you can raise your skill level by renting Underpainting Secrets for Artists for only $8 or by buying it for only $35. Get Underpainting Secrets for Artists, an instructional art video. Video Credits: Instructor: Eric Bossik Director: Glenn Bossik Script Supervisor: Elaine Bossik Editing, Cinematography, and Sound Design: Glenn Bossik Screenplay Adaptation: Glenn Bossik Based on a Book by Eric Bossik: "How to Create an Underpainting Like the Old Masters: A Step-by-Step Guide" Music provided by stockmusic.net VHX: Secure Purchasing VHX Customer Support Copyright © 2017 Portable Shopper, LLC. All rights reserved.