ToolGuards Metal Detector with Carry Bag & Shovel [Newest 2019 Model] Metal Detectors for Adults - treasure metal detectors
💰LET YOUR TREASURE HUNTS BEGIN.... Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime? Now you can start enjoying the thrill of finding artifacts like old coins, gold, tools, jewelry, and more with our premium ToolGuards Metal Detector! 💰ENJOY SEARCHING ON LAND & WATER! Now you can enjoy your treasure hunting in the water too! We created our deluxe metal detector kit with a waterproof coil and carrying bag, so you can uncover the mysteries on all terrain! 💰NEWEST 2019 MODEL - GREAT FOR ALL AGES: Metal detecting is a great hobby for men, women, and children of all ages! Our easy-to-use and extremely durable Metal Detector includes an adjustable knob to match your height and preference!