Matcha Tea
Matcha Tea Ingredients & Tools Matcha Ceremonial or Classic Grade Bamboo Spoon or Teaspoon Bamboo Whisk or Aerolatte Electric Whisk Tea strainer or sieve to sieve the matcha Optional (but this makes it extra smooth & guarantees no lumps when whisking) 70ml (espresso shot) of hot water (70C is the best temperature) Directions Soak the bamboo whisk in some warm water to soften the bamboo ready for whisking Boil the kettle and pour boiling water into a jug so it brings the temperature down a little Warm the matcha cup with some of the hot water and pour out Using the tea strainer sieve 2 bamboo spoon scoops (or 1 level tea spoon) into the matcha cup. You don't have to sieve the matcha but it helps prevent lumps in the tea. (The sieving can be done in advance and once sieved you can keep it and serve directly from the tin) Pour 70ml of hot water into the matcha cup Whisk using the bamboo whisk in a