The Wisdom Tree
(PRICE REFLECTS 50% OFF) Three very different people — a quantum physicist, a neuroscientist (Sheetal Sheth), and an FBI agent — find themselves drawn into a spiraling mystery. Confronted with a mysterious car accident, the three must interpret clues that defy common sense. Their collective quest takes them from science to art to music to mysticism in a widening search for answers. After an intense outward chase to satisfy their rational minds, the trio realizes the answers they desire lie buried deep within themselves. As each seeker begins to embrace the true nature of reality, each is rewarded with revelations beyond their wildest imaginings. What they learn leaves them humbled and in awe of the strange and beautiful universe we call home. When everything makes sense, nothing makes sense. This highly philosophical meditative journey has been applauded by scientists, artists, thinkers, scholars, media, academia, students and audiences from 10 to 80+ years old. Genres: Visionary, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Spiritual, Drama Available worldwide. 140 min. | English | Stereo | Subtitles: English & English for the Hearing Impaired.
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