Crime, Action, Drama Jamal, in Baltimore, struggles with his choice to deal drugs as his lifestyle clashes with his deen. *A young man in Baltimore struggles with his choice to be a drug dealer as his lifestyle clashes with his Islamic beliefs. Jamal has an infant son for whom he provides. He has a family who loves him dearly, and a drug crew who looks to him for leadership. But, Jamal is conflicted. He wants to take care of his son, as any father would, yet his choice of career, though it may be easy and lucrative, goes against his spiritual beliefs. He has to either quit the drug game, barely making ends meet, or continue on the path of money, power, and respect at the price of his soul. A violent altercation triggers a series of events that leave many dead. The violence hits home for Jamal, and when the smoke clears he accepts that he must get out of the drug game. But, will he?