Stuttering 101 (#9501)
This 71-minute video, featuring speech-language pathologist Barry Guitar, Ph.D., is an ideal tool for clinicians who work with the school-age child who stutters. (start time) TOPIC (00:00-) Introduction (03:38-) What is Stuttering Modification? (06:37-) What is Fluency Shaping? Elements of Stuttering Modification (09:30-) A. Key Concepts B. Steps in Therapy (17:00-) 1. Exploring Stuttering (23:47-) 2. Modifying Stuttering in the Therapy Room (40:48-) 3. Transferring (44:56-) 4. Maintaining Elements of Fluency Shaping (46:55-) A. Key Concepts B. Steps in Therapy (50:58-) 1. Establish Fluency (52:05-) 2. Teaching Fluency Skills (1:06:26-) 3. Transferring Fluency (1:08:40-) 4. Maintaining Fluency (1:09:01-) Wrap-Up This video is part of a series of programs from the Stuttering Foundation annual conference, "Stuttering Therapy: Practical Ideas for the School Clinician." NOTE: To earn ASHA CEUs for this video, go to and select the ASSESSMENT ONLY option.