Solution Focused Brief Therapy Taster (#9950)
Highlights from a workshop providing insights into working with Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) and stuttering. This "taster" introduces viewers to the principles and practice of SFBT, providing examples of children, parents, and teenagers describing their "best hopes" for the future, using scales to determine the skills and resources they already have to attain that future and identifying the small signs of change along the way. PART 1 (00:00-) SFBT Introduction (04:23-) Best Hopes (26:39-) Exercise - Best Hopes PART 2 (52:52-) Origins of SFBT (59:19-) The Essence of SFBT (1:12:20-) The Miracle Question (1:41:40-) Exercise - Miracle Question PART 3 (1:53:06-) SFBT Recap (1:58:48-) Overview of Opening & Subsequent Sessions (2:04:35-) Challenges (2:06:48-) References (2:08:07-) Using Scales with Children (2:22:24-) Using Scales with Parents (2:35:37-) Exercise - Using Scales PART 4 (2:48:56-) Closing the Session (2:56:14-) Follow-Up During Subsequent Sessions (3:04:26-) Using Scales in Follow-ups (3:21:40-) Close Produced by the Stuttering Foundation, the 3 hour 30 minute video features Willie Botterill, MSc, (Psych. Couns.), MRCSLT, and Frances Cook, MSc, MRCSLT (Hons)Cert. CT(Oxford). Additional Therapy Footage includes Willie Botterill MSc, (Psych. Couns.), MRCSLT of the Michael Palin Centre for Stammering Children, London, England. Special thanks to Boston University and Diane Fillion Parris, M.S., CCC-SLP, Boston University and the 20 Stuttering Foundation Workshop Attendees. NOTE: To earn ASHA CEUs for this video, go to and select the ASSESSMENT ONLY option.