The Salmon Will Run
We believe that when Creator put us on this Earth we had no voice. Our Salmon relatives saw we needed help and gave us their voice. In return, we promised to always speak for them. Today, climate change, GMO farming, habitat destruction and water diversions for Big Ag are pushing our salmon relatives towards extinction . Our tribe has an ancient prophecy, “When there are no more salmon, there will be no more Winnemem Wintu people." For this reason, we believe that we must do everything we can to bring our salmon back to the rivers of Northern California. Our tribe is taking action to restore this keystone species to its rightful place in the natural world. We believe in the good things coming. The $25 to rent this video will be donated to support the Winnemem Wintu’s efforts to bring the native Salmon back to the Mc Cloud river. To make a larger donation and find out more about the Winnemem Wintu’s work please go to Please email to receive a "Salmon Will Run Screening Guide" with instructions on how to host your own screening. Many Thanks” Film created by Survival Media