A portion of the proceeds of this collection go to Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael, California and to the filmmakers featured in the collection. Walkies in the Wind (2:00) Toby Mattison’s charming animated film. SNIFF (1 hour 27 minutes) The first New York screening of this feature film about training a Guide Dog for the Blind and a Search and Rescue dog, combined with a Monty Python-type narrative of a San Francisco “dog hotel” (run by “Pulp Fiction” star Amanda Plummer) and two British actors (the star of “Men Behaving Badly,” Neil Morrissey, and his buddy Richard Huw), who finance their documentaries by dressing up as canine concierges. Dine in the Dark (:30) A PSA shown on Australian television to encourage fund-raising “dine in the dark” dinner parties with guests blind-folded to raise awareness of the challenges facing vision-impaired people..