Brass Tops - Table Designs
Our brass table tops are sure to provide your restaurant with a warm and elegant feel that is one of a kind. Brass will go through an aging process called “patina” that is unique to each top. Most indoor tops will become darker and take on a penny brown color as they age. Brass is a soft and malleable metal, which is why we use premium 16 gauge brass sheet that will stand the test of time. Material – 16 gauge (.062″ thick) Brass bonded to a particleboard substrate Edges – Come standard with 2″ edges and 1/2″ returns. All (4) corners are fully welded and polished smooth for a seamless look Finish Options- Brushed Finish – uniform grain going in one direction with a clear lacquer sealant Darkened Patina Finish – hand applied patina finish that gives a warm and aged look, with a clear lacquer sealant Maximum Size: Our largest Brass sheets available are 36" x 96"; with standard 1'' edge and 1/2" return, the max width we can do is about 33", and the max length would be about 93" (if both sides edges are bent down).