Rustic Barnwood (Ebony) - Table Designs
Product Name Antique Barnwood Natural Tables Description Oak hardwood tables and counters reclaimed from time-worn barn siding. Professional craftsmen preserve the stunning character while making it friendly for use in commercial environments. Typ. Dimension Thickness 1-1/2” (+/-) Available in common restaurant, desk and custom counter sizes. Note: Up to 1/4" variation allowed for reclaimed material optimization. Edge Detail 1/8" round over on all edges Fill Most checks/knots >1/8" filled with epoxy. Finish Clear epoxy coat on top face and then finished with conversion varnish all sides. Meets ANSI/KCMA A161.1 standards for bleach water, wine, citrus, and abrasion resistance. Stability Recessed angle iron to keep the table flat. Character Weathered original board faces contain slightly uneven surfaces (over/under wood), saw marks, fastener marks, indentations, oxide staining and discoloration from prior use; unlimited grain combinations; heartwood and sapwood; nail and pinholes; knots; and non-structural checks and cracks (filled with epoxy over 1/8"). Changes in humidity may cause minor hairline checks over time, but they will not affect structural integrity. Species quercus alba, quercus rubra (white and red oak) Hardness 1290-1360 using Janka Ball test (ASTM D1037-96A). Natural wood products have no minimum hardness specifications since individual plank values vary depending on cell structure and wood grain. Certified Sustainable FSC® Recycled 100% (RA-COC-001962). Post-consumer reclaimed. Choosing this product saves trees and reduces demand for new lumber. Made in USA Reclaimed and manufactured in USA. Shipping Shipping weight 7.5lbs/SF. Tables are custom crated to order, generally up to 48” wide and 96” long. Installation Store, handle and install per Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS) guidelines Information is deemed reliable but subject to change.