Somatic Attachment with Shannon O'Neill
Synchronicity Symposium 2014: Somatic Attachment with Shannon O'Neill. Shannon will guide you into the dynamic realm of her Jungian and Body-centered practice, where we find that the soul of every human being is encoded with an image of desire. The ultimate symbolic aim of this desire is the joining of body and spirit. This divine/human inner marriage creates the wholeness that restores one to their nature. The reunion of Psyche and Soma is the healing function in disorder - both in the inner world and outer world. Healing is natural. All one needs is to be returned the their nature. The Jungian tradition explores and employs the vast resource of the image-rich landscape of Psyche. This imaginal world is the well-spring of all wisdom traditions, belief systems and spiritual disciplines. Somatic Attachment Therapy grounds this transcendent wealth in the body through regulation of one's neurophysiology: The body's transmission and reception system. Everything we need is there. Everything we need is here. Shannon O'Neill, MA, LPC, LCAS is a proud mother and private practice psychotherapist living in Asheville, NC. She is trained in the Archetypal Psychology tradition of Carl Jung and neurophysiology of Somatic Psychotherapy.