The Varieties of Synchronistic Experience with Richard Tarnas
Synchronicities are both gifts and challenges. They can be felt as acts of grace, or the subtle patternings of a cosmic artist, yet they can also suggest an elusive trickster who demands careful discernment both outer and inner. There seem to be stages that individuals go through in their deepening recognition of the synchronistic dimension of life. Synchronicities can compensate for the one-sidedness of egoic consciousness, and move the individual psyche toward wholeness. They also have, like all things, a shadow side. Most profoundly, they can give us intimations of the numinous. In our postmodern age when all the old metanarratives are contested, awareness of synchronicities has become for many alert individuals a crucial source of spiritual orientation and nourishment. To purchase full length presentation, visit: For more from Richard Tarnas, visit: