The Quest for Gnosis by Gabriel D. Roberts
Humanity is fraught with perilous divisions that often follow lines of flawed ideologies and religious structures. Each and every one of us follows our own ‘reality tunnel’ that is custom made by our experiences. Experience is Gnosis in its most raw form and thusly, what we seek to learn will directly effect how we see the world. Gabriel will discuss the term Gnosis in its modern context and how it applies to us as individuals. Through a review of his book, The Quest For Gnosis, Gabriel will show how we may address the pitfalls of our ideologies while detailing how we might harness ancient wisdom as well as the latest of our discoveries in science to form a more expansive, pliable and welcoming cosmology. Gabriel will detail from life experience how these thoughts and processes have fleshed out to create a more honest review of his own strengths and failures, showing how we all might come to a more efficient manner of insight in our own exploration of the great mystery of life.