How to stop my hair from falling out and thinning? | Super Hair Styles
If you do not stop the decrease in hair volume in a timely manner, the process will become irreversible. In order to prevent hair loss and return the previous volume, you need to deal with the causes. Hair loss can upset even the most cheerful person, if the loss of volume is noticeable to the naked eye, then the problem must be solved immediately. In order to return the hair to the previous volume, you need to determine the cause of their loss and take appropriate measures. Physical and emotional injuries worsen the condition of hair; their loss can begin after a car accident, surgery, a painful break in relations, loss of a loved one. Psychological and physical stress causes hair loss; they are similar to an indicator indicating the condition of a person. After a trauma or shock, the body does not have enough resources, you need to help it recover, and then the hair will not fall out. To recover you need to eat well, eat foods rich in protein and whole grains, vegetables and fruits,