DARK ELDAR In-Depth Painting Tutorial
This is the first in the series of my In-Depth Painting Tutorials. In this video I show you how to paint a Dark Eldar Venom! I show you from start to finish how this bigger project is done and share various hints and tips along the way! Enjoy the video...and happy painting:) Paint and Spray you will need: Army Painter Platemail Metal (Spray) GW Purity Seal (Spray Varnish) GW Paints & Washes: Runefang Steel Ironbreaker Hashut Copper Abaddon Black Moot Green Ceramite White Ushabti Bone Evil Sunz Scarlet Wazdakka Red Flash Gitz Yellow Warpstone Glow Seraphim Sepia Drakenhof Nightshade Nuln Oil Beil-Tan Green Agrax Earthshade