BELISARIUS CAWL Adeptus Mechanicus In-Depth Painting Tutorial
In this In-Depth Painting Tutorial I show you how to paint Belisarius Cawl of the Adeptus Mechanicus! I show you from start to finish how this bigger project is done and share various hints and tips along the way! Enjoy the video...and happy painting:) PAINTS: Ceramite White Abaddon Black Evil Sunz Scarlet Warpstone Glow Lothern Blue Uhsabti Bone Troll Slayer Orange Dawnstone Runefang Steel Ironbreaker Hashut Copper Moot Green Screamer Pink Khorne Red Seraphim Sepia Agrax Earthshade Nuln Oil SPRAYS: Army Painter Plate Mail Montano Gold 'Stealth' GW Purity Seal