Tale of Yan Instant Pure Bird’s Nest 燕之语百分百纯净浓缩燕窝 45mlx8
Bird's nest has high nutritional value and is 100% natural. Bird's nests are the nests of swallows built mostly during breeding seasons to raise their young ones. The nests are made up of the bird's saliva which contains nutrients that are beneficial to humans. Contains no artificial preservatives, artificial colours and flavours. 燕窝是独特的饮食和营养的绝对来源,它是100%纯天然。燕窝是燕子在繁殖季节期间,为了孵育幼燕而建的巢。巢是由燕子的唾液建成的。其中包括一些对人体是有益的营养物质。 无添加防腐剂,人造色素及调味料。