SC-34, Down to Earth - Stone Leaf Pottery | Denver, Colorado
Mayco Stroke & Coats are a high performance product that can be used as a glaze or underglaze; thus earning the phrase “wonderglaze” on their packaging. Sold in 2, 8, and 16 oz squeeze bottles (limited colors in gallons by special order), Stroke & Coat can be painted directly onto bisque or greenware, and fired from low temperatures (Cone 06) up to Cone 10 in both oxidation and reduction. Please note Speckled Stroke & Coats only available in 2 & 16 oz. With a one coat application, most colors will be fairly translucent, but with 3 coats, color will be opaque. Stroke & Coats are heavily pigmented and darker colors may be applied over light colors for depth, design, and detail. Mayco offers a beautiful gloss clear for brushing or dipping over Stroke & Coats. Prices shown here are retail; please inquire for educational & volume discounts or promotional sale prices.