Strength & Conditioning and Integrated Breathing Seminar Complete Set
Steve Maxwell's Strength and Conditioning Seminar EVER WONDER WHAT GOES ON AT A STEVE MAXWELL TRAINING SEMINAR BUT UNABLE TO GET AWAY? As much as you'd like to pack a bag and attend one of Steve's events, it's not always possible... there are children involved, perhaps, or budget restrictions. Steve understands, and it's not your fault, and this video was produced for you! Avail yourself of Steve Maxwell's practical, original ideas of strength and conditioning at your convenience, and in the comfort of your home. Like observing a natural-born coach in his native habitat! Steve Maxwell's Integrated Breathing Seminar Experience IN THE FITNESS AND ATHLETIC WORLD, BREATHING HAS SELDOM BEEN GIVEN MUCH ATTENTION -- UNTIL RECENTLY. Steve has been passionately pursuing every lead to every secret... discovering the universal in esoterica, making friends with wise men around the globe and synthesizing the ancient, the tried and true, with the au courant. Enjoy a breathing seminar with Steve in Melbourne VIC and find out for yourself what he's talking about and why he has made breathing awareness drills one of his top priorities for his own training and his clients.