Steve's Corrective & Balancing Follow-Along Sequence
After half-a-lifetime of competitive wrestling, jiu jitsu -- and myriad injuries -- coupled currently earning a living while seated at a mobile device between seminar presentations, Steve has come up with a most excellent exercise series for keeping himself pain-free, while simultaneously maintaining a high level of strength and mobility. And, as a bonus for the younger guys (under 35): You will BUILD strength on this program--the kind of strength that keep the injuries AT BAY and improves your sports performance. Steve's Corrective & Balancing Follow-Along Sequence costs $9.95 and runs 38:18 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ And even IF the most strenuous thing you do each day is riding a desk chair at the office, these exercises will keep you in the pink, and get you standing tall and good. Why, people will think you should be in Hollywood! -- Steve ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Over the past decades, Steve has studied and performed over a thousand exercises, probably more. From this broad perspective, he's selected these specific movements as most valuable and practical. Using the simplest equipment: a ball, a stick, a band, a belt... The beauty of Steve's Corrective and Balancing Workout System lies in its simplicity. Aside from a horizontal bar, no dedicated workout equipment is required. In this video, follow along with Steve on the beach in sunny Greece (with Steve's voiceover guiding you) and see how he uses some flotsam and found objects to achieve his aims. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ These are the [correcting and balancing] exercises that will allow you to age most gracefully. Let's face it, you're not going to be performing the Beast Press or Double body weight deadlift for life; those exercises are unsustainable and yea, will even hasten premature aging -- and I've talked to plenty of guys with hip replacements who've lived to tell. By regularly performing the exercises shown in these videos, I'm able to keep myself spry and get on the mat at a moment's notice -- even with my irregular schedule -- despite generally being 20-30 years older than the next oldest guy in the room. - Steve Maxwell ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------