Steve Maxwell's Integrated Breathing Seminar Experience
IN THE FITNESS AND ATHLETIC WORLD, BREATHING HAS SELDOM BEEN GIVEN MUCH ATTENTION--UNTIL RECENTLY. Steve has been passionately pursuing every lead to every secret... every esoterica around the globe and synthesizing the ancient, the tried and true, with the contemporary. Enjoy a breathing seminar with Steve in Melbourne VIC and find out for yourself what he's talking about and why he has made breathing awareness drills one of his top priorities for his own training and his clients. "I myself was pretty much in the dark about proper breathing until I became aware of its importance." -- Steve Maxwell The setting is a martial arts school but in his extensive travel and personal training experience, Steve has realized that the negative physical and postural degenerations associated with martial arts are shared by the sedentary public-at-large (minus the combat risk) In this video, you will learn about: Identifying breathing dysfunctions Simple tests to determine your level of breathing proficiency The importance of CO2 and its relationship to oxygen CO2 sensitivity and exercises to correct it The destructive mouth-breathing habit Steve's favorite beneficial breathing exercises Why training at elevation gives you an athletic edge and how to simulate the same -- even at sea level The harm of involuntary breath-holding The healthfulness of voluntary breath-holding-- to increase wind and athletic performance Who is this video for? Athletes looking to improve performance Anyone on the planet interested in improving general health