Gimme-Five Mobility Series Segment Four: Spinal Rocking Series
EIGHT 5-MINUTE SEGMENTS OF HOLISTIC MOBILITY TRAINING Each segment is only $5! Each segment addresses a different aspect of mobility, comprising a useful mini-workout on its own. It's also possible to combine any segment with another, or all eight segments together for a holistic mobility-training program. Steve has studied systems worldwide, then taken the best he's learned and put them into powerful beneficial sequences. Each 5-minute routine is a condensed version sequence of the best movements Steve knows. Steve Maxwell's Gimme-Five mobility series is for the seriously time-crunched person whose circumstances limit their training plans. This could be due to a heavy work load, travel, social pressure, or even physical space. You can expect to experience increased energy, clarity, freedom of movement, optimism, and the confidence that comes with body self-reliance. Segment Four: Spinal Rocking Series Steve's all-time favorite mobility drills. If you have a stiff neck and an aching spine, this is a wonderful way to loosen up. Not just good for the back, but tones the core structure as well. Steve proves that you don't need a lot of time to get in a great mobility drill - just a few minutes will do.