Starboard Light
Sometimes the greatest adventure is the journey home. A love letter to loss spanning five generations, Starboard Light is an inspiring and poignant film that shows us how to hold on and asks: Does a family make a house? Or does a house make a family? Whether it’s a cabin deep in the woods, a home that’s been handed down generation after generation or a waterfront summer getaway, there is a “Starboard Light” in many of our lives that we’ve struggled to keep or had to painfully let go. In nautical usage, a green “starboard” light and its complimentary red “port” light aid boats in ensuring safe navigation. It is a fitting metaphor for this family’s 210-year old seaside summer house on Cape Cod that has guided generations “safe and true” through both squalls and sunny waters. Audiences everywhere will be entertained and relate to the film’s strong uni- versal messages about family, connection, and the importance to protect our most treasured memories