The Most Common but Overlooked Way God Answers Prayer | Awakening Magazine
Gazing at creation, all around we see the results of the power of God, which flung the stars into place, the planets into alignment and brought about life—all out of nothing. Reading our Bibles, we see stories of dramatic encounters with God and His miracle-working power to heal, deliver and protect. We are assured of promises that through Him, all things are possible. Have you ever wondered, then, “Why do we have doctors and medicine if God can heal?” “Why security if God can protect?” Or even, “Why preachers if God can reveal Himself?” Ever felt guilty from using some of these man-made creations, fearing a lack of trust or patience in God? I have.You have reached the end of this Article Preview WANT TO READ MORE? Register for free or log in to read the rest of ths article LOG INI have an existing account. REGISTERI am new here. After registeing for the first time click here or reload the page