The 1 Simple Solution to Find Acceptance | Awakening Magazine
It’s well chronicled in my messages, books and articles that much of my early years were scarred by the wounds of rejection. Childhood timidity led to being painfully left out of social groups. Then my born-again experience at 16 years old caused great tension in my devoutly-denominational family. Not to mention my first steps into full-time ministry, which grew intense criticism from both family and friends alike.Who you believe you are often determines how you behave.The reality is that rejection is an unfortunate fact of life. People have always passed over others for superficial and unfair reasons. People have always found reasons to disagree with the sincerest decisions or opinions. And they always will. But the danger when you feel something so much is that you can eventually take on that feeling as a quality of who you are. And that’s so much of the story of my life. From childhood, an identity of rejection was cemented into me and then reinforced even through the adolescence of my Christianity. Because who you believe you are often determines how you behave, my actions and reactions were skewed accordingly. Allow me to elaborate.You have reached the end of this Article Preview WANT TO READ MORE? Register for free or log in to read the rest of ths article LOG INI have an existing account. REGISTERI am new here. After registeing for the first time click here or reload the page