Prophetic Dream of the Remnant Rising | Awakening Magazine
I can remember it like it was yesterday. I heard a knock at my door very late at night. It was a young pastor friend of mine who was seeking shelter because the police were looking for him to arrest him. His crime: helping a young woman escape her Muslim parents who allegedly wanted to kill her for converting to Christianity.This young lady was protected and would go on to fight her parents in court and had to suffer many trials for her conversion. She and I later became very good friends. As the years went on and life became busy, I lost contact with her (mostly due to her trying to protect herself and others). After a few years of separation, while watching Christian television, I rediscovered my friend, Rifqa Bary. She had matured into a vibrant young woman, and I watched her boldly share her story of this on a national TV show in the USA called The 700 Club! In spite of her life still being under assault, she shared on the program how she escaped Islam and how God is now using her testimony.You have reached the end of this Article Preview WANT TO READ MORE? Register for free or log in to read the rest of ths article LOG INI have an existing account. REGISTERI am new here. After registeing for the first time click here or reload the page