76: Well, Let’s Talk About the Joos, I Guess… w. Marty Leeds
Well, we're going for it. In a day and age where looking at someone the wrong way can get you branded an antisemite or a nazi,.... we are going to touch the untouchable topic and talk about the Joos. The entire point of this show since its inception, was to have the discussions that most people are too uncomfortable to have or that we're not allowed to have. As I watch channel after channel on YouTube get wiped out for just bringing up this topic, it has become more and more clear to me that this is a conversation we are not allowed to have. The question of the day is... Why not? Now, I shouldn't have to preface with this and I'm sure some of you will refuse to believe it anyway, but neither Marty Leeds nor myself are antisemitic. Additionally, to all of my Jooish friends, I must say... this isn't about you. I hope that that becomes more clear as the conversation unfolds, but just so you don't jump to conclusions... this isn't about you. Hopefully this is not the last episode of the show. This is the first episode of the show that will not be posted to YouTube due to the almost guarantee that it would end my channel. We'll see how things go. Now take that little part of your brain that screams "alt-right, antisemitic, nazi!" every time you hear the word "Joos".... and just turn it off for an hour an a half and if, at the end, you disagree with the content of this episode.... good. Let's talk about it. ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7AksndMZVE