Off Grid experiment: Firing up my virgin Rocket Stove / Water Heater
After watching several videos and reading many articles on the topics of heating small cabins in winter I thought I would take a stab at building a rocket stove for my winter shelter shack. Over a couple days I cobbled together the pieces for my version of a rocket stove and built it in a couple hrs. All said and done the stove worked pretty well. Sadly there is NO INSULATION in my Winter Shelter Shack and with temperatures in the 20's and single digits the rocket stove did not adequately heat up the shack... unless you were getting up close and personal with it. The other feature I incorporated into the build was a copper coil around the inner chimney core, unfortunately I did not get enough time to put that part of the project to the test but if you follow my channel I will be putting up a video sometime in the future showing how that works. Cheers, thanks for watching. ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyZSy7HoJsY