Super Mario Maker Rubik's Cube?!
This cube is awesome! So is the game series it's based on. Also, new mic. :) My level codes: 6A6F-0000-0018-0214 "Don't Stop Running!" 4BBE-0000-002F-EDBA "Hidden Block Extravaganza" 989A-0000-0030-3C45 "Goomba Airship" 96F8-0000-0038-9DF2 "Just Another Hold Right" 6C48-0000-003E-E6C2 "Bowser Is Your... Friend?" 2EC9-0000-0047-CFB6 "Mario Maze" I have more now, but you can see those by clicking on my profile. ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cb1FiXfVDhg