Small is Beautiful: Super Mega Deluxe Edition
Get the feature film Small is Beautiful: A Tiny House Documentary. PLUS 24 bonus videos. With over 170 mins of extra content including: #1 Why Tiny and Experience of the build with Benn Kovco #2 Building codes and what the future holds with Benn Kovco #3 Dee Williams: "What does the Tiny House Community mean to me?" (extended interview) #4 Dee Williams: "My biggest fear." #5 Dee Williams: "That time I met Tyra Banks…" #6 Eric Bohne: What's involved in building a Tiny House? #7 Eric Bohne Could you live in a tiny house? #8 Joan Grimms: Portland Alternative Dwellings and Tiny Houses #9 Joan Grimms What the Future Holds #10 Lina Menard Preview #11 Lina Menard Extended interview #12 Ben Campbell Thoughts on money and regret. #13 Ben Campbell: Why I redesigned my house overnight. #14 Ben Campbell & Dan: Talking about poop. #15 Karin: Introduction to the gift economy. What is it? #16 Karin: The gift economy in practice (12 months later) #17 Karin: What excites me about living in community. #18 Nikki & Mitchell: Idea of community and growing their own food. #19 Nikki & Mitchell: What have you learned from building a tiny house together? #20 Opportunity Village with Andrew Heben #21 Opportunity Village: Nathan and Nicole are residents and share their story #22 The Tiny House Hotel with co-founder Kol Peterson #23 Building codes and Zoning laws 101 with Kol Peterson #24 How to entertain in a tiny house?