The Evolution Sex Dolls Through Time.
The Evolution Sex Dolls Through Time. Sex dolls have become a sensation in the recent past. Everyone has been rushing to get themselves a customized sex doll based on their preferences. What most people do not know is the rocky road the sex doll has traveled to this date. Some years, ago just the thought of the sex doll itself would be termed weird. On the receiving end, of all the negativity towards sex dolls, has been the woman. The men have managed to establish themselves as the sexually fluid gender restricting the woman to one man and no room for sexual fantasies. Here is a bit of history into the development of sex dolls. The use of sex dolls by men can date back to the ancient ages. As early as 850BC, an ancient poet Ovid’s Metamorphoses describes an imaginary ivory sculpture of a woman named Claudia. This is the earliest depiction of sex dolls. He describes the owner falling in love with this sculpture, bathing, feeding and having sex with it. While it is not possible to feed a sex doll, the descriptions depicted by Ovid were mostly imaginary. The creation of sex dolls is a concept of imagination. They are driven from man's deepest desire to connect sexually in a way that cannot be explained to another. In most cases, people who prefer sex dolls would be looked at as being weird. In reality, human sexuality is fluid and is the best way of expression. Revealing The Sex Dolls To The World There have always been sex dolls, however, they remained a secret. Just like many other ways of sexual expression such as lesbianism. Most people who used sex dolls had to keep them a secret to avoid the harsh judgment of humanity. Sex dolls were first made public after an advertisement of dolls published in porn Magazine in 1968. This was the first time it was legal to sell sexual tools and toys. Since this time, the sex doll has evolved to be more complex and sophisticated. Today, they are anatomically perfect with all the features you would find in a human being. They can now be used for sex, love, and companionship. Those who do not understand how sex dolls work may say things such as; they cannot offer companionship or love etc. However, sex dolls are good companions and anyone who can connect with a sex doll at a sexual level can easily connect with them at a companionship and love level. Changing The Sex Doll Rules Today we live in a free world. The woman no longer has to be covered by the shadow of a male-dominated world. The dawn of the internet has provided a platform through which most women find the freedom to express themselves and explore their sexuality. One of the leading sex dolls Manufacturers Sitridoll explains why it was necessary to change the rules. A sex doll senior practitioner explains that their journey was greatly influenced by the internet. It is only possible to notice the preferences of women when it comes to sexual matters because of the freedom of expression as provided by the internet. According to the Sitridoll owners, women have been more sexually free with time and started requesting for male sex dolls from time to time. While some women are looking for sexual satisfaction, some prefer these dolls for more than just sex. They can equally offer companionship as they are more than a just a vibrator or another sex tool. Continued Development of Sex Dolls Today, sex dolls are freely available to anyone who feels like owning one. The TPE and Silicone dolls are the perfect embodiment of the human skin. The anatomy of these dolls is crafted to the highest degree of accuracy giving you an anatomically accurate man or woman. With the continued development of sex dolls, the manufacturers are now discovering the preferences of men and women. While men are more inclined towards perfect dolls, ladies tend to have a desire for dolls with flaws. The ladies are looking for male sex dolls that will offer a more realistic experience, unlike an imaginary one. Conclusion We live in an age of sexual liberalism. Whether you are a man or a woman does not matter. What matters is what makes you happy. If sex dolls are the best way for you to express your sexuality then go for it. Sex is a therapy that can help you balance your life in many ways.