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This Modern Innovation's robotic vacuum is the modern way to a cleaner house. With a Wi-FI connection you can schedule cleaning anywhere using the App. The cleaning system provides a powerful clean that loosens dirt and dander for a healthier house. Smart move technology lets the vacuum navigate around corners, furniture, and clutter with ease. Wi-Fi compatibility lets you clean, schedule, and receive notifications from anywhere using the App. Cleaning system offers more power to loosen, lifts and suction dirt with up to 5x more power High-Efficiency Filter captures 99% of allergens, pollen, and particles as small as 10 microns Dual Multi-Surface Brushes are tangle-free, allowing the robot to handle pet hair easily Advanced Dirt Detect allows the robot to sense dirt and focus cleaning on areas that need it most Edge-Sweeping Brush sweeps wall edges and corners for an all-around clean Full suite of intelligent sensors help the robot navigate under and around furniture Cliff Detect sensors prevent the robot from doing a header down the stairs or over a drop-off Low profile cleans under furniture and navigates around clutter Lithium ion battery runs up to 1 hour Automatically docks and recharges so you never have to worry about putting it away or it running out of power Navigation helps the Vacuum avoid stairs and other drop-offs and performs focused cleaning where it is most needed Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head automatically adjusts its height for all floor types including carpet and hard floors to clean all the rooms in your house This was designed and created using over 25 years of robotics expertise and innovation Multi function remote control