Automatic Oil Press Machine - Shop Modern Innovations
This Electronic Oil Press will help you make your own oil using 20 different nuts and seeds save money with smart food prep! You will be able to enjoy convenient automatic oil extraction with the press of a button. Enjoy natural flavours as they were intended and avoid any commercially processed or unknown added ingredients. This machine can be used for hot press or cold press extracting and be used with a wide variety Creating your very own homemade oils helps to retain the food's healthy vitamins and minerals for nutritional health benefits. Built-in filter captures unwanted food particles and processed food waste is collected in a separate container for easy removal. Enjoy convenient food preparation with this Oil Press. More than 20 different kinds of raw materials can be pressed by our machine: Soybean Hazelnuts Flaxseed Almond Watermelon Seeds Sunflower seeds Cocoa beans Pine nuts Hemp seed Peanuts Walnuts Pumpkin seed Olives Canola seeds Moroccan nuts Sesame seeds