The Key to Making Things Happen
A vision board is more than just a board with some magazine cut outs. For one, Oprah believes in this visualization turning into manifesting practice so it must be good. These goal-manifesting collages have become a highly regarded tool for some of the world’s most successful people, so if they’re good enough for them then they’re perfect for you. Vision boards are a creative outlet for realizing and focusing on what you truly want to accomplish, from a job promotion to running a 5k to moving to a new house and more. Anything in your life that is a goal belongs on the vision board. But there is a strategy behind a REALLY effective vision board: having a game plan. So try these steps: Write out what is most important to you Writing down the areas of your life that mean the most to you will give you a clear outlook. Start by listing what is really important, are you really focused on that job promotion? Or do you want to have a better relationship with your partner? Any of these goals: write them down Time to cut up some magazines Once everything is written out and your goals are clear, it’s time to get some visuals. You can use magazines, print out stuff from Pinterest, etc. Anything that inspires you will do the trick. This includes words or phrases that relate to your goals. Plan out your board The next step before securing down the images, is planning out your vision board. Do you want an absolutely filled up board, with no blank space? Or some room to add after the fact and a less cluttered look? Think about all of these things before gluing anything down. Placement is key Now that the vision board is complete, put it somewhere you’ll see often. By having it in a place that is central to you, means you’ll be reminded of your goals more frequently. This will trigger that visualization and keep you focused on the goals.