Pro Intercom, Partyline Intercom Single Kopfhörer Super-Rugged Series SMH310 - eventag Online-Shop
Performance: These light, comfortable headsets are equipped with high quality transducers for smooth re- sponse and pleasant listening. The soft, textured muffs are removable and washable. The mechanism for adjusting size allows for a wide range, and is both simple and sturdy. The microphone is mounted on a thin flex- ible gooseneck boom that also swivels at the ear cup and can be swung up out of the way. The microphone can be adjusted to be very close to the mouth for situations where quiet or discreteness are important. The thin, flex- ible cable does not tug on the headset and can be clasped out of the way with our optional clothing clip. Durability: The SMH310 and DMH320 have a minimal number of moving parts. Each of the pivot points has been strengthened. The flexible gooseneck bends rather than breaks. The muff, along with its frame, pops off the ear cup for almost instant cleaning or replacement. Our always-generous repair policy applies to these mod- estly priced headsets as well. Value: These headsets represent an outstanding value, costing considerably less than any other major brand of full-sized com mu ni ca tions head set. When long work ing-life ex pec ta ti ons and re pair- abil it y are fac tored in, the value is even further enhanced. Compatibility: The SMH310 and DMH320 are compatible with Clear-Com® as well as other, lesser-known, headset communications systems. The standard 4-pin female XLR-type connector is included, but we will gladly fit the appropriate plug for any other system at a reasonable cost.