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The HH10A consists of the handset with push-to-talk switch, equipped with a US-made coil cord and 4-pin XLR connector, and a wall mount cradle with retaining spring-clip, as shown in the photo above. The HH10B consists of the same handset, coil cord and cradle, but the coil cord is wired to the cradle which, in this model, contains a hook-switch to mute the earspeaker when the handset is “hung up”. A ten foot cable is wired to the HH10B cradle, with a 4-pin XLR connector for connection to an intercom station. We recommend the HH10B for quiet environments where the audio from the earspeaker (while the handset is in the cradle) would be a nuisance. Performance: These heavy duty handsets are equipped with dynamic transducers suitable for inter- com use. To prevent feedback and permit high levels before feedback, the interior of the handset is partially filled with a dense mastic material, blocking internal acoustic coupling between the micro- phone and the earspeaker. A high quality shielded coil cord is then fitted with a genuine Neutrik® con- nector. Durability: These handsets are molded from commercial telephone quality compounds No other handset offered for intercom use provides greater resistance to physical damage. The cradle in- cludes a spring-clip, which prevents the handset from being accidentally, dislodged. The push-to-talk switch in the handset and the hook switch in the HH10B cradle are rated for millions of cycles. Value: Pro Intercom offers these high quality handsets at prices comparable to regular imported plastic handsets.