Pro Intercom, Partyline Intercom Loudspeaker Stations LS3 (with differtent versions: LS3T, LS3M, LS3MT) - eventag Online-Shop
Performance: LS3 series Talkback Loudspeaker Stations operate in three different modes: 1) press-to-talk/re- lease-to-listen, using the loudspeaker as both microphone and speaker; 2) Simultaneous talk and listen [full duplex] when a noise-canceling gooseneck microphone is plugged into the front panel, and; 3) as a headset or handset station when either is plugged into the front panel XLR. Caution: When the LS3 is used in its press-to-talk, release-to-listen mode, locating 2 units close together will result in feedback. Modes 2 and 3 are invoked automatically when the unit senses the presence of the gooseneck microphone, headset, or handset. No switching is required. A 3 Watt audio ampli- fier and quality loudspeaker provide highly intelligible, full-range reproduction. Front panel controls provide for turning the microphone on or off (the gooseneck microphone or the microphone in the headset/handset); a volume control which reg- ulates the level of the loudspeaker or in the earspeaker in the headset/handset; a combination signal lamp/signal button; a 3-position off-listen-talk switch; a recessed control for setting the level of the gooseneck microphone to be heard in the loudspeaker (sidetone); a recessed control for setting the loudspeaker volume in ‘override’ mode, and; an LED to indicate when ‘override’ has been remotely activated. LS3 stations include unique circuitry which permits the front panel controls to be overridden from a remote source when the remote source is fitted with an override generator card (standard in MS301 & MS302 Master Stations). Volume can be restored, and the LS3 switched from Off to Talk or Lis- ten. Typically this feature is used to restore volume at an LS3 in a remote location where it may have been turned down or off, but other combinations are also possible. The override mode is set up by removing links on the PC board except for the volume level which is established by setting the front panel recessed control marked Override. Durability: The heavy aluminum front plate resists bending and twisting. The lever switches are of best American manu- facture. The signal lamp button is Swiss made and rated for millions of cycles. The ‘T’ backbox is heavy gauge steel. Value: Multi-mode capability, full-duplex, hands-free operation (without feedback) and a unique override facility all come at a price equivalent to ordinary loudspeaker stations. Compatibility: LS3’s are compatible with Clear-Com® and other popular (200 unbalanced) party-line headset intercom systems. Override capability is limited to operation within a Pro Intercom system. ***(The Price for LS3M is CHF 680.-), (LS3T is CHF 700.-), (LS3MT is CHF 740.-)***