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Performance: The HS2 provides the same facilities as our BP1 portableheadset stations (beltpacks) but in a format suitable for flush mounting ina 2-gang electrical box. A version is also available (HS2M) which includes a rotary switch to connect the station to up to 4 different circuits, one-at-a-time. Frequency response has been carefully shaped to optimize both intelligibil- ity and long-term listening comfort. A mic limiter circuit reduces overload distortion.The high bridging impedance ensures that system and sidetone levels do not vary as other stations are switched in and out of the circuit.The front panel contains controls for switching the microphone on and off, for controlling listening level, for signaling, and for adjusting the mic level to accomodate both dynamic and electret headset microphones . A recessed, screw driver adjust control is provided for varying the level of the user’s voice to be heard inhis/her own earphone (Sidetone). The HS2 has a terminal strip on the rear and fits in a standard 2-gangelectrical box. The mating plug is included. The headset or handset connects to the station via a front-panel 4-pin XLR connector. The Call button on the front panel lights whenever anyone on the same circuit presses their signal light button. Durability: The component board of the HS2s are mounted to a thick metal mounting plate. Long-life switch- es and controls are used. The XLR is genuine Neutrik® Value: Simplicity of design and construction affords the use of high quality components while maintaining afavorable cost/benefit ratio. Compatibility: The HS2 may be used with most unbalanced 200W party-line intercom systems. ***(THE PRICE FOR HS2M is CHF 420.00)***