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Performance: The DMH9000, with its low visual profile, was specifically designed with broadcast and studio applica- tions in mind. Special attention has been given to acoustical and electrical isolation of the microphone from the earspeakers to minimize the incidence of cross-talk. The symmetrical hypercardioid studio quality condenser micro- phone was expressly developed for near-field use and combines excellent noise rejecting abilities with a wide, smooth frequency response. The near-field characteristics of the microphone capsule provide good noise rejection without hav- ing it so close to the mouth as to obscure the wearers face. The optimal distance is 4 in. A new wind screen helps to elimi- nate wind and breath noise. The microphone is balanced and requires ‘phantom power’ 12~48V. The microphone boom can be positioned on the left or right side and swings up and out of the way past a series of detents. As the boom is raised a gold plated micro switch turns the microphone noiselessly off. The earspeakers have a specially contoured and wide bandwidth in combination with high sensitivity. Two types of ear cushions are available. For sports announcing, and simi- larly noisy applications, dual chamber foam-filled cushions provide optimum noise exclusion. In studio or other musical applications the alternate style of ear cushions are designed to optimize frequency response (See specifications†). Durability: The DMH9000 continues the unrivaled durability of our 200 Series headsets. The earspeaker housings and microphone boom are constructed of an almost indestructible material that will not be damaged if dropped or stepped upon. The material is fully recyclable and can be cleansed with ordinary household detergents. Should repair ever be necessary the headset can be easily disassembled and reassembled. This is achieved without making the procedure ob- vious to a ‘tamperer’. Value: Headsets of this quality are not inexpensive, but we invite you to compare value with any other headset in this cat- egory. When you plug in the durability factor and our immediate and no-quibble service, the difference becomes even greater. Compatibility: The DMH9000 can be fitted with cable and plugs for almost any professional application including broad- cast, audio console, recording console and computer.